How do I know how much fuel is left?

•Without the option “Fuel quantity indicator” : The flight time must be pre-defined according to the quantity of fuel in the tank, the flight time (engine running) is indicated on the MiniFly screens
•With the option “Fuel quantity indicator” : the fuel quantity display is graduated from 0% (empty tank) to 100% (full tank)

Do I have the physical capacity to use MiniFly?

MiniFly requires a good physical condition but does not require a special physical training.
Simple exercises to know your capability to use MiniFly:
• Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out, place your arms along your body with the palms of your hands on the floor and your hands facing outwards. Stretch the arms to raise the buttocks, the legs should not touch the ground, only the heels should be supported. Hold for 90 seconds minimum.
• Raise arms horizontally outward with a 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) weight in each hand. Hold for at least 45 seconds.
• Balance on one leg for at least 30 seconds, repeat with the other leg for at least 30 seconds.

Other “basics” conditions are necessary to use MiniFly, such as good visual acuity, hearing, etc… you can contact us through the contact form to know more about it.

Do you have any job offers?

We currently have no job offers. But you can send us your CV through our contact form, we will contact you if necessary in 2022.

Is it possible to customize the MiniFly?

Yes, it is possible to customize your MiniFly with different structures and options, for other unique customizations you can contact us using the contact form.

Does MiniFly generate a physical effort on the arms?

Yes, MiniFly applies a physical effort on the arms during the use, this effort depends on the duration of the flight.

We have an option support to help MiniFly’s push under the shoulders, so it is possible to fly several minutes, the weight being supported by the wrists, arms and shoulders.

How do I know if MiniFly can fit my body?

Yes, there is a recommended outfit for the use of MiniFly, the specificities of the pants, gloves, shoes, etc… are defined in the user and safety manual of the product.

Can I use MiniFly freely?

The regulation concerning the use of an aircraft (a device that has the ability to rise and stay in the air) in open airspace is specific to each country.

As example: 

In France (more generally in Europe), the user must hold a flight license as long as the airshaft is not linked to the ground, the MiniFly is not part of the Ultra Light category.

In the United States, the MiniFly belongs to the Ultra Light category and is authorized under certain conditions (daytime flight over unpopulated areas).

What kind of fuel can I use?

MiniFly can run on Bio-diesel (B7 equivalent), diesel (B7) or kerosene (Jet A1).
We can, upon request, provide bio-diesel made from 100% vegetable resources.

What is the flight time of MiniFly?

The flight autonomy of MiniFly depends on several parameters such as its version (Air 6 or Air 6 Pro), the weight of the pilot, the amount of fuel, the size of the tank, the flight conditions, the type of flight performed, etc…

The maximum autonomy for the civil versions is 10 minutes.

Is there any maintenance to be done?

Maintenance is required every 20 hours of flight or every 100 engine starts or more. We carry out all the maintenance in our workshops in France or in Europe.

Is there a specific outfit to use MiniFly?

Yes, there is a recommended outfit for the use of MiniFly, the specificities of the pants, gloves, shoes, etc… are defined in the user and safety manual of the product.