Configurator and Order

How can I order a MiniFly?

1) Check your physical aptitude here.

2) Choose your model and your options, contact us through the form below, our team will take care of the rest.

3) Your MiniFly is built and tested, during this time, you can check all the docs, FAQ, video tutorials about start flying, etc… before get your MiniFly

4) Delivery of the MiniFly, ready to fly.



On the MiniFly:

  • Aluminum structure with raw finish (1)
  • Fuel tank 20 L / 5 gal
  • Under shoulder supports (2)
  • 2x Batteries (x2)

Out of the MiniFly: 

  • Battery charger
  • 15-days support (3)


On the MiniFly:

  • Aluminum structure with black finish OR Carbone structure (1)
  • Fuel tank 40 L / 10 gal (4)
  • Fuel gauge (5)
  • 4 batteries + 2 chargers (6)

Out of the MiniFly:

  • Safety gantry for training (7)
  • 2 years warranty
  • Individual assistance support for 180 days (3)

Choose your model

MiniFly Air 6
MiniFly Air 8


Your pre-order informations

    1) Standard in raw aluminum, the structure is the part held in the hand and around the arm on which the motors rest. This structure can be entirely painted (powder coating) in black with a special high temperature paint. A carbon fiber structure is also possible, lighter, the structure is returned of a layer of epoxy protection, only the supports of the structure (located) below the engines can not be made of carbon fiber, they are made of black aluminum.

    (2) Allows a better comfort of flight by distributing the weight of the body on 2 wrists and 2 shoulders.

    (3) With the individual assistance support we contact you by phone in less than 24 working hours in case of question or problem on the use of MiniFly, the discussion can also be by email or videoconference depending on the need.

    (4) The maximum autonomy with the 20 L (5 gal) tank is up to 5 minutes, up to 10 minutes with the 40 L (10 gal) tank. The backpack, its protection and its configuration are different with the 40 L tank.

    (5) Without the Fuel gauge option the flight time must be pre-defined according to the amount of fuel on board, the flight time (engine running) is indicated on the MiniFly displays.
    The Fuel gauge option allows you to see directly the amount of fuel in the tank.

    (6) MiniFly need 2 batteries for fly, the 4 batteries pack allows to have 2 replacement batteries ready to use.

    (7) Includes an aluminum gantry with its auto retractable safety belt and its harness. In case of a fall or a problem in flight, the belt locks the pilot and brings him down slowly automatically to the ground at a speed of 1,8 km/h (2.9 mph)

    All prices are excluding taxes.