An Idea

Take off from the ground and fly autonomously and as naturally as possible by moving with your own movements: this is the idea that drives us since 2012.

Thanks to a team of passionate and united, we has built many prototypes with different types of energy before finding the ideal compromise gathering the following characteristics: easy to use, powerful, light and reliable.

The architecture of our products are based on 2 concepts: efficiency and security


The force that keeps us on the ground is the gravity, if we want to take off, we need a force that pushes upwards in the opposite direction to gravity.

To achieve this feat without using the force of lift like the wings of an airplane, we had to rethink and optimize a principle that has existed in aviation since the late 1940s: the thrust by combustion.

The principle is simple: inject by vaporization of very small droplets of fuel at high pressure in a combustion chamber at high temperature in order to make turn a turbine at high speed then to optimize this air flow through a nozzle.

In order to allow an optimal handling by anyone, we had to miniaturize this principle and operate several modification to fit the best performances to ensure a sufficient thrust to take off from the ground.



Human is able to move in the air in a controlled way since the end of the 19th century, unfortunately with a cost of too many accidents to advance science.

The safety of every user is our priority, the foundation of our developments is safety.

That’s why throughout the design process we have thought and worked on each part to make it as reliable as possible but also in safety solutions in and out of the MiniFly.

We have developed and patented electronic and physical safety systems such as sensors, airbags and very low altitude parachutes to face a large panel of failing situation, always to ensure the maximum safety of the user.

The design and the safety devices must not make forget that MiniFly is handled by the user and that it is necessary to respect the rules to ensure a good flight. More information on the Models and Specs and FAQ pages.

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